Facebook limits the number of ads shown per page

24 November 2020

At the beginning of September, Facebook confirmed the introduction of a limit on the number of ads that can be shown simultaneously by a page on its platform. This ad volume control, which will apply from 16 February 2021 and will continue until the summer, is presented as a measure to help advertisers reduce costs and improve the performance of their ads. We explain why and the implications of this.


What is the point of limiting ads on Facebook?

Before the introduction of today's machine learning-based ad formats, advertisers on Facebook had to create a large number of ads in order to personalise their ads and hope to reach their target audience. Nowadays, new ad productsThe new machine-learning ad products available on the platform allow them to improve their performance while reducing the volume of ads they have to manage. For example, dynamic ads can integrate an advertiser's entire product catalogue into a single ad and choose the most relevant products to show to each user.

What was until now a recommendation of the social network will become mandatory next year because, as it explains, a high volume of ads is by no means synonymous with a high return. On the contrary, the simultaneous broadcasting of a large number of ads implies a less frequent display of them and, consequently, insufficient data collection for the algorithm to feed on them and manage to optimise their broadcasting. Thus, four out of ten ads would not make it out of the machine learning phase. A large part of the allocated budget is therefore spent before the system has even been able to improve performance.

The implications of this decision for advertisers

As an advertiser, you need to be aware of the impact this will have on the management of your page in order to be ready for February 2021 and to ensure the continuity of your advertising campaigns.


Which advertisements will be affected by this restriction? 

This measure, which will be applied per page and not per ad account, will take into account all ads that are active or being evaluated at the time of implementation, regardless of the account from which they were published. Scheduled ads will not be counted until they are served.

To find out when this restriction will go into effect for your Page, Facebook invites you to visit its Page Manager.


What will be the maximum number of ads allowed per page?

Will the number of ads allowed be the same for all advertisers, regardless of their size? No, the number of ads you can run will depend on your will depend on your advertising budget for the previous yearSpecifically, the month in which you spent the most money in the last 12 months. This number can vary from 250 to a maximum of 20,000 adsas shown in the table published by Facebook.


Facebook's guide to ad limits by advertiser size


By accessing the Maximum Ads per Pagetool, accessible via the Business Manager menu, you can view the maximum number of ads that would be imposed on each of your for each of your pages if the limitation became effective today.

If, when this measure is adopted, your page exceeds the allowed limit, you will not be able to run new ads or change existing ones. or modify existing ones. You will need to remove ads to reduce your ad volume below the limit. Please note, however, that all ads (dynamic content, automatic placements, or dynamic ads) will be counted as one ad, even if it is a combination of many ads.

Finally, if multiple accounts or users create ads for the same page, Facebook explains that its administrator will be able to set additional limits on partners so that they don't prevent each other from running new ads.


Feed Manager's opinion

In order to prepare for these changes and toavoid any problems once these limits are in placewe recommend that you follow what was already a good practice advised by Facebook: reduce your ad volume now. To do this, simplify your account structure by grouping audiences into fewer sets and limit the number of active ads in each set.

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