Our new free tool to test the quality of your Google Shopping feed

12 April 2022

Feed Manager has just launched its Google Shopping feed testing tool to give you a clear view of the quality of the data in Google Shopping, all for free!

Who are we?

We have been experts in optimising product flows and catalogues for over 10 years. Our mission is to assist our clients on a daily basis in the optimisation and monitoring of their product feeds and Google Shopping campaigns.
We have created Test My Feed to quickly validate the quality of a product feed or, on the contrary, to identify a way to improve performance on Google Shopping.

What is audited?

To carry out this audit, the Test My Feed tool will analyse several key pieces of information on which the Feed Manager agency is based:

Flow compliance

Are you meeting Google's mandatory criteria for your entire catalogue?
Compliance reduces the number of warnings and errors on your Google Merchant Center so that you can increase the number of products available online and/or their visibility.

Completeness of information

Are you providing all the recommended attributes of the requested information?
The completeness of the feed is essential to give Google the maximum amount of information to make your products appear on the right queries. This allows you to move up on new queries and increase your impression rate.

Data quality

Do you have duplicate titles, short descriptions?
The quality of your feed will impact the conversion rate of your ads and the cost per click of your campaigns. Your headlines should be complete and unique, per variation, to display the right variants that will have the best chance of converting.

Product labelling

Are you using custom labels correctly to segment your catalogue?
Custom labels are essential for identifying your products in the feed, with strategic information that you can use to build your campaigns. This is the key to a granular and effective structure in Google Ads.

The implementation of an adapted strategy

Do you have under-utilised best sellers or products that are not making impressions that need to be managed differently?
By analysing the performance of Google Analytics, we can quickly identify the different product categories according to their performance. Adapting your strategy according to the results is essential to keep your entire catalogue alive and making the most of it.

Some key figures

At Feed Manager we have analysed the impact that optimising your data in a Google Shopping feed can have and here are the key figures we have identified:

  • An increase of 100% of impressions on average, 3 months after implementing the optimisations and with equivalent campaign parameters by going back to new queries and a wider semantic field;
  • A 25% reduction in CPC (cost per click) thanks to a higher quality score, better converting ads and a healthy Google Merchant Center account;
  • A 20% increase in profitability on campaigns thanks to easier management and segmentation of the catalogue by performance and strategic KPIs.

Why trusting us?

We perform a 100% secure and confidential audit! The data is collected solely for the purpose of diagnosing your account and providing you with a full report.
We promise never to share or sell your data and no action is taken by us on Google Shopping settings or campaigns.
Finally, we are Google Partner Premier certified and have been a trusted partner of Google for 10 years now!

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